Play that Funky Music, White Boy


Okay, music has been one of my great passions since I knew how to work the radio. I played with a clarinet for a while, until I discovered computers. I may eventually start dabbling in MIDI again like I did in High School, but for now, I'm just a listener. Oh, and while I use mp3s as a format for mass storage so I don't have to lug 200 goddamn cds around, no I don't have a song to trade.

Take Me Home Tonight
At the absolute top of any music list has to go the hippest member of my family, my Godfather Eddie Money (believe it. If I were lying, I'd say my cousins were the Backstreet Boys or Hanson was my nieces or something). He's toured with REO Speedwagon and Styx (Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto). Check out his site...The flash will make your head spin, but it gives some useful info.

Cartoon Heroes
Aqua is a group from Denmark that has not failed to impress me twice. Their first album "Aquarium" (think Barbie Girl) and their second "Aquarius" both earn my highest praise, that being "I can listen to this all the way through without feeling the urge to skip tracks.

The Original Whaler
Probably most famous for her "As I Lay me Down" Top Ten Single, Sophie B. Hawkins is an amazing singer/songwriter/artist that doesn't get nearly enough credit in a world where the Mariah Careys and The Missy Eliots are dominant. Sure, they classify her as "Adult Contemporary" (or "rock" at Coconuts), but I think her albums are worth a listen. Whaler, her first album, also gains my listenthrough award of honor.

Return to the Tragic Kingdom?
No Doubt's is a band that has surprised the crap out of me recently, the word diverse doesn't even begin to describe them. They've always impressed me as a group, and besides all that, Gwen is a babe. What was she thinking with the pink hair, though?

No I'm not a twelve year old girl
The Backstreet Boys, one of Jive Records's biggest moneymakers, are pretty damn good too. If I say anything more it might qualify me as an obsessor, so nuff said then.

In 3-D!
Okay, no subtle sampling of my musical taste would be complete without the subtle flavor of Weird Al Yankovic. His Movie Rocked. His Show Rocked. His Concerts Rock. And he's a computer nerd, to boot.

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