"I'm Bart Simpson, Who the Hell Are You?"

-Indeed, Bart Simpson


It speaks volumes about me in the fact that everyone I know is NUTS. Or at least, those I feel should be mentioned here. More pictures are coming when I can scan them.

At one point Wrin was just a friend from irc on #reboot on the undernet. Then (as I recall it), we called a girl named Tora-Chan to wish her a happy eighteenth birthday, and Wrin asked what it took to get a phone call. So I did. We got to know each other pretty well, she called me an Asshole and insisted it was a compliment. Considering she's a Bitch, and I consider that a compliment, it all fit. I introduced her to the Bastard Operator From Hell. Lives in Canada.

Matt to those that know him well, Kender is, well...Kender. See his site and find out for yourself. Techie Guy. Wears a lot of strange clothing. Drives a Saturn. Likes Sisters of Mercy. Calls himself a goth, but I think the term Sysadmin works better (they both wear dark colors, worship strange entities, and are never seen during the day). Loves John Harvards. Loves Faith. Loves Sushi. Loves sleep more than any of these. Works at Computer Associates. He lives at Selden House. He is a member of House Three Skulls. He wears a trenchcoat (and oh so much more) and yet does not go around shooting out High Schools. Is a Bastard.

DK Lives at Selden House. Has a cat named Nellie. Has a Handlebar Moustache. Has a dirty mind. You can find him at Jillians playing battletech (he worked at Sports Plus running the pods when they had them). Now he's a Waldenbooking Power Planter. (which just sounds like another word for hippie, but isn't). Goes to more sci-fi and gaming cons than anyone else i know. Now, it's rumored that he's going to run one of his own (I think it's just a rumor at this point, but I registered the domain name for it anyway). You can often find him in the Forum. Is a Bastard.

Saravit is into Biking (mountain not Harley), Martial Arts, and anime. Chances are if you know a Saravit ourtside of Thailand, this is him. Lives at Selden House. Is a member of House Three Skulls, and can generally be seen around the Forum, or toting Kat, Lynda, or Erika around of late. Works at Computer Associates. Is a Bastard.

Chuck runs a MUD called NightFalls's Keep, which I host. It's a D&D thing. Chuck is more or less, quintessential gamer. Hangs out in Jack's Basement a lot. Runs an AD&D campaign. Helped me and some others writer a BIG larp. Works at Maryhaven. Did I mention he's a big gamer?

Ex-girlfriend of mine, and someone I am proud to call a friend. I met her in a computer lab. Our first date was an I-CON meeting. I told her once that I would walk to the ends of the earth for her, and she thinks I don't still mean it. Despite the fact that we've parted ways I still believe her to be a wonderful person. Likes rats, lately, owns five that she thinks I hate. Uses a mac. Loves to draw furries. Works at Michael's (the crafts store). Is occasionally seen Plastered at Smedleyfarm. Lives at Selden House.

Met her at her age 14, knew she was a kindred spirit then. Has a website. Loves horses. Hangs out on Smedfarm. Hangs out in the Sci Fi forum. Hangs out at Selden House (Lived at Selden House with her mother for a while but they moved out.) Often seen in my presence, if I can help it.

A former co-admin, he now stomps around SmedleyFarm. Knowledgeable in electrical, woodworking, FreeBSD, Linux, EMT, Fire (creation and extinguishing!) and Gwar. What more do you need?

Jack Jack
Yes, he really DOES look like the cover to You Don't Know Jack. Shaved head, 6'5" (I think). Owns Jack's Basement, occasionally throws a Chaos Party. Often seen at Detour. Has degrees from Stony Brook. Hangs out in the Forum. Works at Computer Associates.

Izzy Izzy
Artist. Gamer. Clubber. Forumite. All these describe Izzy reasonably well, but I think his best role was personified by The Infernalist, a character from one of the LARPs we wrote. Drives a Celica. Lives with Stick. Claims to OWN Detour. Wears a trenchcoat. Does not shoot out high schools.

Also known as Dark Daemon, FuckStick, Erik, and Tuna Boy. Hangs out at Detour and Jack's Basement. Wears a trenchcoat. Does not shoot out high schools. Scary goth-type-clubgoer. Scary gamer. Has scary website. Scary.

Is a substitute teacher (pity rains down from the skies above). Teaches Earth Science to kids in Hempstead New York. (pity STILL rains down from the skies above). Likes to boffer fight, especially at Fantasy Quest. Has helped me write LARPs on occasion. Hangs out in the Forum. Lives at Selden House. Is a Bastard.

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