Of all the things broken on this ship, you fix the *&@#ing ice machine?

Stephen Root as Chode, Tripping the Rift


I make myself a not bad living as a system administrator and general techie for hire when the need dictates. I know basic HTML (I truly believe it's become an artists medium, and haven't bothered to learn more than the basics). I can code if four or five of the popular languages, as well as being good enough with most of the common OSes you might find, including several shades of Windows, several flavors of unix (free and commercial), and the macOS. I love this line of work.

Yo Quiero a better Job
This is what I did full time for several years, during the time I realize I was "bored". Or unproductive or something. I dunno, it was a job I could do in my sleep. Getting out of work at 4AM after cleaning the place just sucked. I think the time to get out was clear when we had a customer collapse bleeding in the dining room and the manager told me to go mop up the six foot pool of blood.

Holmes Detective
Since I was old enough to type, I've been helping Holmes out with special projects here and there. I designed their first webpage, did some light networking stuff with them, and have to personally say it's always been a pleasure dealing with them.

A lovely bunch of coconuts
Formerly "Another Brick in The Wall", during the holidays for a couple years running I could be found helping out at a chain music store called The Wall. I always managed to quit this one because I found something better (one year, it was because I couldn't get off for I-con), the other it was because I woke up, staring at my now-fiancee on New Years Day. Still, I've managed to stay on good terms with them, and may return this Holiday season. They're a great bunch at the Selden store.

Ouch that java animation hurts my head
The Academic Computing Center at the Ammerman Campus of 13th gra..., I mean, Suffolk Community College is where I spent my semesters between classes coding, helping out, tutoring, and telling people why the hell the computer wasn't writing their term paper for them.

Michael G. Kessler and Associates
An excellent PI firm I worked with for a few months until serious family problems (beyond anyone's control) intervened. One of the best jobs I've ever had, absolutely top-notch.

Firestorm 2000
For a while I worked here. That's all I'll say.

Ezzi Computers
I now admin the systems here in the Data Center, and do programming, maintenance, and hardware. Pretty well rounded. Pretty fun.

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